Pious Associations


       This association was started by Brother Frank Duff on 7th June 1889. A president of the Legion of Mary under the name Our Lady of Light  was started in         parish on              .The Spiritual Director of the Presidium at the time of the inception was Fr.       , the then Parish Priest. It started with ten members. The main vision was to encourage people to emulate the qualities of ouor Blessed Mother Mary in their daily life and to strengthen the membership of the Legion. The group members meet regularly on Saturdays at 4:30 p.m and also they celebrate their annual day on 3rd Sunday of October at 10:30 a.m 


  1. Visiting homes irrespective of religious affiliation and reporting to the Parish Priest regarding spiritual or material assistances required.
  2. Hospital visits and praying for the sick
  3. Visiting homebound sick persons.
  4. Extending help to VBS activities.
  5. Conducting May devotions in the parish.
  6. Animating Saturday evening liturgy.


The society was named after St. Vincent de Paul of the 16th Century whose life was devoted to helping the poor and the underprivileged. The society has developed into an international Catholic organization of lay persons, from its inception in France in the year 1833 by Blessed Frederic Ozonam and  his companions.


  1. Adoption of poor families.
  2. Visiting the adopted families , the sick, the poor and those in distress.
  3. Medical assistance to the needy.
  4. Financial assistance for educational needs and to start small business like those of street vendors.


The third order was devised by St. Francis as a sort of middle state between the cloiser and the world for those who, wishing to follow in the saint’s footsteps, were debarred by marriage or other ties from entering either the first or second order. The Franciscan third order was started in our parish in the year of 1958. Our parish was the second place to start this movement in Chennai. Having 5 members Rev. Fr. George started this movement in our parish.


  • Working along with the parish priest to build a good faithful community.
  • Making  the days of festivals and special days as memorable one.
  • To unite the community and bringing the people together.
  • Motivating people to pray to gether.
  • Encouraging the special devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Helping people to grow in faith.
  • One hour adoration on the last day of the year.

Church Activities

  • Altar Servers
  • Anbiams (BCC)
  • Catechism Classes
  • Choir
  • Fellowship Groups
  • Franciscan 3rd Order
  • Pious Associations