Fellowship Groups

Youth Group

The Parish as a living community is an ideal place for youth to gather. Within the Parish, the youth can orient themselves to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit., through the meditation on the Word of God, participation at the liturgy and participation in acts of charity. To equip themselves to the mission of the church, meetings and seminars are organized.


To come together and meet once a month to discuss areas where the youth can get more involved in the parish activity.

  1. To bring together boys and girls as a group for active participation in the Church activities.
  2. To participate in acts of charity.
  3. Enhancing their Leadership Qualities.
  4. Organizing various activities for the Church.

Luz Church Women’s Fellowship (LCWF)

The Luz Church Women’s Fellowship also known as LCWF was founded 21 years ago, in the year 1994, by the ladies of the parish, under the encouragement of the then parish priest late Fr P T Arulappa and till date always functioned under the guidance of the parish priest.


  1. Interaction with at least 120 families in their homes on a personal level through house visits every year.
  2. Educational needs of the children of the middle and lower strata of society ranging from classes LKG to Under graduation. At least 130 children benefit yearly.
  3. Help for professional and career oriented courses given on special considerations. Many children have benefitted and become bread winners for their families.
  4. An ongoing scholarship has been instituted by the LCWF for the toppers of classes 10 & 12.
  5. Medical aid given to the needy in many ways. Through the efforts of the LCWF St. Isabel’s Hospital extended free medical aid to at least 50 deserving families.
  6. Hamper distribution during Christmas to at least 110 families.
  7. Job placements done through networking for deserving candidates, especially young widows.

The LCWF is an organization of the people, by the people and for the people of Luz Church. Over the years the organization’s credibility has increased and funds are raised from within the parish and friends and well-wishers outside. The LCWF’s charism is to help the poor of Luz Church with special emphasis on the women.

Wise Folks Forum (Elders Group)

The faithful to the Word of God, should feel the responsibility of taking care of the elders in the Parish. The Holy Father Pope Francis tells “Where there is no Honour to the Elderly there is no Future for the Young.” Generally, we see growing fear of weakness and vulnerability. To overcome such feelings we have formed a fellowship group for the Elderly.


  • Monthly Meetings.
  • Helping in the Parish.
  • Organizing their own Programs.

Church Activities

  • Altar Servers
  • Anbiams (BCC)
  • Catechism Classes
  • Choir
  • Fellowship Groups
  • Franciscan 3rd Order
  • Pious Associations