Basic Christian Communities (Anbiams)

Basic Christian Communities (Anbiams) seek themselves nourishment in Word of God and remain firmly attached in the local Parish. These communities maintain a sincere communion in the church.  They constantly grow in missionary consciousness, fervor, commitment and zeal; they show themselves to be universal in all things and never sectarian. These communities are a sign of vitality within the church, an instrument of formation and evangelization, and a solid starting point for a new society based on civilization of Love.

Church Anbiam Co – Ordinators:

 Positions Name
co – ordinator A. Johnmoris
Asst. co – ordinator A.S. Raja
Secretary Mary
Joint – Secretary Sofia

Anbiam Zone – Leaders

Zone – A – Lourdu Maadha Anbiam

  Positions Name
co – ordinator Arockia Mary
Asst. co – ordinator B. Mary Bhaskar
Secretary A. Stella Mary

Zone – B – St. Sagaya Maadha Anbiam

  Positions  Name
co – ordinator Mathew Thomas
Asst. co – ordinator R. Selva Kumar
Secretary Johnsi
Joint – Secretary Therasa Mary

Zone – B – St. Francis Assisi Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator A.S. Raja
Asst. co – ordinator  

Zone – C – St. Xavier Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator Jaya Yuvaraj
Asst. co – ordinator Sophia
Joint – Secretary Maria Vency

Zone – D – Sacred Heart Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator A. Irudhaya Mary
Secretary K. Stella
Joint – Secretary N. Priya

Zone – D – St.Joseph Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator Suja Andirdaz
Secretary Stella Kumaradoss
Joint – Secretary Jayashree Fernando

Zone – E – St. Antony Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator Jagan Mohan – ordinator Manju
Secretary Velankanni
Joint – Secretary Nathan

Zone – E – St. Little Flower Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator A. John Moris – ordinator Edward
Joint – Secretary Reena

Zone – F – St. Alphonsa Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator A.F. Delight – ordinator Arul
Secretary C. Vijay Kathir
Joint – Secretary J. Roselin Mary

Zone – F – St. Thomas Anbiam (Mayandi Colony)

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator A. Soosai Nathan – ordinator S. Arockia Samy
Joint – Secretary Dhana Mery

Zone – G – St. Arockia Mary Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator R.V. Anthony – ordinator Yogendiran

Zone – G – St. Vincent de Paul Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator S. Aruldass – ordinator Iruthaya Mary
Secretary Poosamani Antony
Joint – Secretary Sampoorna Mary

Zone – H – Infant Jesus Anbiam

 Positions  Name
Co – ordinator Geetha Paul
Secretary Geetha Davis

Zone – H – Our Lady of Light Anbiam

 Positions  Name
co – ordinator Kalavathy – ordinator Elizabeth Rani
Secretary Antony
Joint – Secretary Arul Anbu