The role of  a choir is an offering to God our first’s fruits of time and talents, and a ministry to the congregation seeking to provide appropriate music for Mass, Prayer, Reflection and Meditation. The liturgy allows for such music before mass, during the offertory, during communion and after the dismissal.” These musical offerings draw from the church’s rich musical heritage and ministers of music are encouraged by the church to develop their talents in the service of the liturgy. Music is not offered as a mere entertainment but as a form of a prayer which hopefully can move others to pray.

As part of our Parish, we have Tamil Choir, English Choir, and children’s Choir.

Practise Timings:

6.00 AM Tamil choir – Saturday 6.30  PM to 7.30 PM

7.30 AM Tamil choir – Saturday 8.00  PM to 9.00 PM

English choir             – Sunday   5.00  PM to 5.45 PM

Children’s choir         – Sunday   10.00 AM to 10.45 AM


          “Singing is good, Singing well is better, Singing with all is the Best”. Singing is the highest form of worship. The choirs with an organist have therefore been a part of religious services from the very beginning in Shrine of Our Lady Of Light Church. During the past nine years, the choir got formalized with regular choristers and began to perform in a public carol programme representing the Parish.  Music conductors were invited whenever singing in voices was to be done. A new organ was donated by parishioners in 2015.


  1. Singing regularly for Masses on Sundays and festival days.
  2. Singing for weddings, funerals and other special occasions in the Parish.
  3. Practicing regularly on Friday evening ably assisted by the Brothers of Sathya Nilayam.


      To improve the quality of singing through regular training by qualified Music directors; to encourage more talented singers to join choir and to involve the congregation in singing to expand the Music Ministry into the homes of the Parish for special occasions and to the public in general as representatives of the Parish.

Church Activities

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  • Anbiams (BCC)
  • Catechism Classes
  • Choir
  • Fellowship Groups
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  • Pious Associations