VBS – 2016

VBS – Vacation Bible School

VBS is a specialized form of religious education which focuses on children. VBS classes for our Luz church was organized from 24th – 30th April 2016.

We received around 200 registrations this year which is the highest recorded in our church till date. The registrations were divided into 149 for English and 37 for Tamil.

We started the VBS on Sunday, the 24th of April with a grand inaugural mass and liturgy organized and led by the Parish Priest, Fr.Ponnaiyya, brothers, teachers and the children. This was followed by Flag Hoisting and distribution of badges and caps in 4 different colors. Student exercise books and colors were also provided.

Children were divided into 4 groups according to their age and class. We began the day at 8:50 am with the parish priest leading the teachers in prayer followed by the students assembly at 9:00 am.

The class began with the teachers reading the Word of God and explaining the theme and moral through charts, stories, posters, hymns and action songs. Children were encouraged to learn the memory worse and recited it in the class. During break time snacks and juice were provided to the children. The brothers led the common practise and games assisted by the teachers and points were attributed to each group based on their performance. Common practise included action songs and dance.

The program was concluded with a nice lunch for the children and teachers at 1:00pm followed by teachers self evaluation everyday.

The last day of VBS was celebrated on 30th April. Celebrations began with a special mass conducted by our Cheif guest Fr.Kanikkai Raj, Parish priest, Brothers, Teachers and Children involved. After the mass celebrations begun with a welcoming speech. Then children from different classes performed singing and dancing. Father then distributed prizes to the winners from various competitions. Also group dance was organized by the brothers and a camp fire was organized where brothers were dressed as tribal people and danced along with fathers, brothers, teachers and children present there.

VBS was a highly successful initiative with immense help from Parish priest and Parish memebrs.

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Welcome Luz Church

Welcome to Shrine Of Our Lady of Light The church of Nossa Senora Da Luz (Our Lady Of Light) Mylapore, was built in the sixteenth century by Portuguese of the order of Friars Minor

Luz is a Portuguese word which means Light. This spot was like a forest and to this day the church is known as “Kattu Koil” – translated from Tamil means “Forest Church”