Catechism Classes

 The primary aim of Sunday Catechism classes is to make the children know God, love God and to serve God. An integrated faith formation through the Scriptures, Catholic Church Doctrine, knowledge of Sacraments, Mass prayers and examples of lives of saints is achieved through the Sunday catechism classes.  Formation of faith takes place in the family through exemplary parents and family prayers but the formal education is provided during the Sunday catechism classes.


1.Classes :

                      All children (about 75%) in the Parish from LKG to the 12th std. attend Sunday catechism classes. The classes are held at Luz Church Campus after Sunday Mass from 8 a.m-9 a.m followed by Children’s mass at 9 a.m There is a team of about 15 teachers to conduct these classes in English and Tamil. There are a total of 250 children this year and after the mass, snacks are being provided to children every week. The children are divided into four groups for competitions that are held at the church. Classes are taken based on the syllabus drawn out at the beginning of the year. The syllabus includes Scripture, Catholic Doctrine, Life of Saints, Prayer especially Mass prayers, Activities related to the Bible and Christian way of life. The syllabus varies according to the grade. The classes begin with a general assembly for which these are selected on the previous week itself-there is a prayer, sharing of thought and hymn. The classes are conducted for 25min. and activity for 15min. Regular tests is held to  receive feedback from the children. Classes are conducted in English and Tamil. 

2.Parish Activities:

  1. Children’s Mass is organized where the children prepare the liturgy with guidance from teachers.
  2. The children’s choir has been formed.
  3. Children take part on other feast days like Bible Sundays through action songs, skits, etc.

3.Special Events:

  1. Annual Catechism day Sports Day , Childrens Day and other functions/competitions/events are organized for the children.


Church Activities

  • Alter Servers
  • Anbiams (BCC)
  • Catechism Classes
  • Choir
  • Fellowship Groups
  • Franciscan 3rd Order
  • Pious Associations